Ashen Wing (ashwing) wrote in minimum_wagers,
Ashen Wing

under paid

i have realized that i am wayyyyyyy underpaid.

when i used to babysit i was paid $5/hr and all I had to do was keep the kids safe, entertained and make sure they had a good time, and encourage cleaning up afterwards (I did most of it, though) to ensure that the parents would have me back.

now the job i have pays minimum wage (at Ontario standards, which is $6.85), which is pretty good minimum wage compared to some countries/provinces, however considering the minimum wage has been this way for the past 10 years is saying something.

anyway this job involves some babysitting (which I got paid $5/hr for, remember that) fact the job is like 60% babysitting, I have to keep the customers happy, make sure they don't have anything to complain about, and I Have to pick up after them. so that's where $5/hr of my job comes from.

So....the other $1.85 of my wages remaining pays for the work I do in cooking/making food (sandwiches, pizza's, and making of coffee, and such), keeping the place up to health standards (sweeping, mopping the floors, and cleaning table tops in general), cleaning windows).

so is it just me, or am i grossly underpaid? most minimum wagers are i'd suppose. we're told/made to do a lot of things over what we're supposed to.

i mean look at people in offices, they do a lot less manual labour than we do, they just sit on their duffs and type on a computer. okay there's a lot of intelligence involved in that, but are you saying that because i work a minimum wage job i'm dumber than everyone else?

people that work in factories, which is a very physically demanding job get paid more than we do, and they just move boxes/make things, they don't multi-task as much as we do.

damnit, this sucks. we are so under-appreciated. they have a 'secretaries day' where's the 'poor minimum-wage-slobs' day?!?!

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